The Cascabel Conservation Association
(formerly known as the Cascabel Hermitage Association)
Supporting Conservation, Community and Contemplation in the Middle San Pedro Valley

The Cascabel Conservation Association (CCA) is a non-profit organization located in the community of Cascabel in the Middle San Pedro River Valley. We are dedicated to the collaborative stewardship of the Middle San Pedro River watershed in a way that promotes the health, stability and diversity of the whole community, including its earth, waters, plants, and animals. We strive to integrate the needs of the land with the needs of a sustainable human community through educational, economic, agricultural, contemplative and other conservation-related endeavors.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the mission of CCA (see mission statement), and who agrees to work in a consensual manner and to abide by the relevant covenant and/or the conservation easement when on CCA lands.

CCA owns 600 acres of upland desert land surrounding Hot Springs Canyon near Cascabel. The Corbett Retreat Center on this land provides the setting for the Hermitage program, which offers the opportunity for solitary desert retreats. The CCA is also joint owner of the 130-acre Baicatcan property at the confluence of the San Pedro River and Hot Springs Canyon. This property includes a group camping area (also used for educational events) and a community garden.

CCA does not charge to become a member nor to use the retreat or camping facilities, though it depends on donations, which are always welcome.