Review of the FEMA Zone A Flood Boundary in the Cascabel Area of the San Pedro River, Cochise County, Arizona, with Special Reference to the Susan Newman Property

In 2015 Susan Newman of Cascabel learned that her home was inadvertently included within FEMA’s Zone A flood boundary, preventing her from obtaining a reverse mortgage on her home, which she needed to continue leaving in Cascabel.  Mick Meader of the Conservation Committee completed a full geologic report on the area of her home to demonstrate that her property were not in the floodplain.  While FEMA would not accept this to change the designation, requiring Susan to complete a hydrologic study instead, Mick’s report is very complete for the Cascabel area and summarizes the geologic and geomorphic evidence why the Newman property is well above the 100-year-flood level.

You may download Mick’s full report here.