Organizational Structure:

The Cascabel Conservation Association (CCA) is governed by a Board of Directors that has ultimate responsibility for decisions made by the Association.  At board meetings, all CCA members are welcome, and every effort is made to include everyone present in a consensual decision-making process, with provisions for voting by the board if necessary. 

Because the range of activities within the Association is diverse, committees are charged with guiding various programs.  These include the Administration Committee, Conservation Committee, Education Committee, Retreat Committee and Garden Committee.  Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors except for the Education Committee. 

Most program decisions are made at the committee level, with reports and discussion about those actions presented at board meetings which occur several times each year.  

Board of Directors:

Pearl Mast, co-President
Mick Meader, co-President
Daniel Baker, Secretary
Birgit DeGregorio, Treasurer
Alex Binford-Walsh
Chris Eastoe
Miller McPherson
Erik Revere
Brandon Wert
Pat Corbett (emeritus)
Mary Lou Gonzales (emeritus)


Administration Committee, Pearl Mast, Chair
Conservation Committee, Mick Meader, Chair
Education Committee, Gail Loveland, Chair
Retreat Committee, Daniel Baker, Chair
Garden Committee, Erik Revere, Chair

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