Organizational History

The Cascabel Conservation Association originally formed as the Cascabel Hermitage Association in 1996. Established as a 501(c)(3) organization, it provided people with the opportunity for solitary desert retreats on its 400 acres of land in the San Pedro River Valley of southeastern Arizona. With time, the group expanded to include an education program as another means of connecting people with the land. The education program included a yearly mesquite milling, educational workshops and community garden. Its members also became active in helping to protect the valley’s environment, including facilitating conservation easements to establish a protected wildlife corridor. In 2012, the organization purchased a one-third interest in a key conservation property in the valley. Because of these enlarged activities, in 2012 the Cascabel Hermitage Association was formally expanded to become the Cascabel Conservation Association, adopting a more comprehensive mission for the Middle San Pedro Valley.

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