Annual Mesquite Milling

This festive, one-day event is held in the fall of each year to encourage the use of this local food, once a staple of indigenous people living in the area. Participants bring mesquite pods gathered during the previous summer for processing into nutritious and delicious flour using a large, community-owned hammer mill. Free milling is for non-commercial, home use. Mesquite pancake/waffle breakfast is served prior to milling. Local food potluck follows milling.

The mesquite milling is now hosted and co-sponsored by the Cascabel Community Center, with the cooperation of Desert Harvesters of Tucson, who bring out their hammermill to help with milling.

When: Fall of each year

Where: Cascabel Community Center, Cascabel, AZ

kathleen david

Loading pods into the Cascabel

desert harvesters

The Desert Harvesters’ mill
in action


people waiting

People with containers of
mesquite pods for milling


Enjoying mesquite pancakes
& waffles


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