Geology Walks

Geology Walks

in these one day workshops learned about the fascinating and complex
geology in various parts of Hot Springs Canyon in addition to background
information on the basin and range province.

by: Mick Meader, staff member of the Department of Geosciences at the
University of Arizona and Bob Scarborough, geological consultant for
the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

November 19, 2000; March 17, 2001; November 9, 2002

Cascabel, AZ

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Springs Canyon Geology

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Soza Mesa Fault


Hot Springs Canyon, site
of 3 Geology Walks


Not a discourse
on toilet paper–

Mick Meader
uses TP to illustrate the age of the earth!


Tom Orum and Matts Myhrman
examine a rock.

Mick Meader explains

while David Omick looks on.

Bob Scarborough
explains while

Matts Myhrman
looks on.


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