Things to Know About Our Garden

**Important: Be sure to close the gate when you leave!   (else all of our work in installing the fence and electrifying it is for naught)

Did you know that the tall-risered water faucets are always on? The short ones are on timers:

-this is a short one (on a timer)

And here(below) is Erik installing one of the tall ones (always on).  There is another one across from the shed, and one near the future ramada area.

Three Things to Check On When You Visit the Community Garden

1.  Check that the pump is running as expected:

-The controls are at the base of the solar panel

For a normally running pump, the power switch should be On, the System light should be green (as in the photo below, though it’s hard to see) AND
Either the red Tank Full light should be on  OR the pump on light should be blinking green

P1030143_sThe pump on light indicates that the tank is not full and that the pump is pumping.  The number of blinks indicates the relative level of power getting to the pump.  Five blinks is normal, full power—what we expect.  If it is less than five blinks, then it could be that it is a cloudy day and the panels are not producing all the electricity that the pump would like to see.  But if it’s not a cloudy day, it might indicate something else and we should get David O. to have a look at it.  Likewise if the the source low light is in, we need to tell David…it might indicate low water or some issue with the well.

The lower box on the solar panel base contains some breakers that should be on.  This box should generally just be left alone:P1030144_s

2.  Check that the water pressure is running around 90 pounds when the tank is full

The pressure gauge is located just over the well next to the big solar panel.  In the photo below, the pressure is a tad low (80lbs) and so it is likely that the tank was down and the pump was running.


3. Check that the electric fence is fully charged:

-the fence controller is just next to the front gate:

P1030741_sHere is what Pearl and Ellison are looking at inside the box:

P1030756_sFor normal operation, the switch at the bottom should be On, and the meter should be in the green or pointing off to the right as shown in the photo (above).  If the meter is not in the green than either there is something (a weed?, a tree branch?) shorting the fence to ground, or the battery might be getting low or is not charging correctly.

Just FYI, this (below) is the grounding rod for the electric fence (adjacent to the controller box (above)

P1030758_sAnd this (below), also in the controller box that Pearl and Ellison were looking into, is the charge controller unit which takes power from the mini solar panel mounted by the front gate and uses it to the charge the fence battery.



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