Want to see what wildlife is on your land?  Having problems with ORV trespass through sensitive wildlife habitat on your land?  The CCA Camera Project can help.

Through generous donations from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, CCA has received 20 wildlife cameras and accessories.  CCA is making makes these available to residents of the Lower San Pedro River Valley for the purpose of monitoring wildlife on their property or for monitoring off road vehicle trespass on their land.

A refundable $50 damage/theft deposit is required for each camera borrowed.  The deposit will be fully refunded when the camera is returned in good condition.  Included with each camera are batteries, battery charger, 2 memory cards, camera mounting strap and instructions.

In conjunction with the camera project, CCA also has signs available to help protect sensitive wildlife habitat on your private property.

If you’d like to pick up a camera or post a sign to help protect habitat on your property, contact CCA at   info@cascabelconservation.org 

See below for photos of camera kits and signs.

Camera Kit                                                   (Above) Typical Camera Kit

Sign, No Unauthorized, Etc. (Above) 10 of these 12″ x 18″ signs are available


Sign, No Trapping, Etc.
(Above) 20 of these 12″ x 18″ signs are available

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