About Us

PURPOSE: The Cascabel Conservation Association is a center for solitary retreats, land conservation and education in desert-adaptive living.

LOCATION: Located about 30 miles east of Tucson, Arizona, it is sited on 440 acres of Sonoran desert overlooking the San Pedro River Valley.

COOPERATION: The Cascabel Conservation Association, a private nonprofit non-governmental organization, seeks a neighborly and collaborative relationship with local landowners, groups and agencies. In particular it presently has partnership ties with the Cascabel Community Center, Saguaro Juniper Corporation, The Nature Conservancy,
Cascabel Working Group, and Borderlinks.

FINANCIAL: The Cascabel Conservation Association is supported entirely by donations, which are tax-deductible.  In keeping with its integrative approach to the human and natural community, the Cascabel Conservation Association seeks simplicity, equality and justice in financial matters. Solitary retreats are free, and educational programs
are offered at low cost. Most support is volunteer, and staff persons have agreed to receive only minimal compensation even if funds are available. Naturally, financial resources are required for the simple facilities as well as supporting environmental programs and staff. Donations by guests and supporters are neither required nor expected, though they are gratefully received.


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