A Note on Transition…

The hermitage program of the Cascabel Conservation Association is currently in a state of transition and great expectation. After twenty years of service, Daniel Baker is retiring from being the primary facilitator of the hermitage program. Our new lead facilitator will be Susan Tollefson, who also is a resident adjacent to the hermitage land and facilities.

We are also undergoing a transition with regard to our hermitage facilities. The new Corbett Center in Hot Springs Canyon provides an opportunity for sojourns by solitaries, couples or small groups. The remote Gonzales-Leitner strawbale hermitage is in deteriorating condition and requires approval for use contingent upon the applicant’s ease with primitive desert environs and our ability to service the site. The former tent-ramada site is not presently in service.

In order to complement the Corbett Center and the decline of our other facilities, CCA will soon be initiating a major fundraising campaign for the hermitage program. The program has had exceptional success, and we are excited by the new supporters, ideas and facilities that are poised to carry it forward.